Blizzard Should Hire Me

One of the first stories you learn when you attend design school is about the architect who designed a college campus. He left out the sidewalks. When the construction guys asked him where to put the sidewalks, he simply said “wait a while.”

Once a few months had passed after the campus opened, it was clear where the students were walking from class to class to dorm. Then they knew where to put the sidewalks.

Moonflower Now that we are playing in Warlords of Draenor, it is clear that the informal gathering spot is outside of our garrisons. Rogues open lockboxes, engineers drop their bling5s and I see people just standing around right by the Big Rock or on the path.

  • I think “stuff” should be right outside of our garrisons.
  • I’d like to see a small faux arena for dueling with the winner announced like they do in Dalaran.
  • I’d like warm light in this mini-zone in Shadowmoon Valley as a visual relief and a place to check out my transmogs.
  • I’d like goblins taking bets on duelers. I’d bet one gold on my friend who is in the arena.
  • I’d like a stable master and some vendors.
  • I’d like (for a fee) rockets that would shoot me to the other zones.

In Azeroth, all the players were split into the major cities. In Draenor, we are all stacked in one place: our garrisons. I think we need a little area to run out to and gather in and “be seen” in. As Freckleface of the Hearthcast podcast says, “the first thing we want in WoW is to show off.”


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