Preparing for 6.1

“Let your plans be dark and impenetrable as night, and when you move, fall like a thunderbolt.”
Sun Tzu, The Art of War

Today is February 15th on the year of our Lord 2014. Only Blizzard knows when the patch will drop; it could be Tuesday, it could be in March. The patch brings a lot of quality of life changes, achievements, new toys, pets and no new content. What happened to the Iron Docks quest area?


While we don’t know when it will drop, we can prepare. For me it is two things that I want to jump on the day that it drops. We can now upgrade our crafted gear to 4/4 and we’ll have new cooking recipes that give a better buff than the Savage Feast.

As you can see from the above image, I’ll need 200 Gearspring Parts, 40 Sorcerous Earth and 30 Savage Blood to upgrade my gun. I’ll need about the same for my crafted neck piece. For the upgrades to be valuable to me, I want to do this before the same pieces drop in my raids.

I’ve read that there will be a “daily” vendor that will convert our ore, herbs, hides, dust and fur into the “next level up” mats like truesteel ingots, gearspring parts, taladite or Primal Spirits. I’ll love unloading my ore for Primals but it’s still a long road to 60 Savage Bloods — so, I prepare today.

The other change; the buff food — I’ll paste from information I copied from MMO Champions. I’m glad I’ve stockpiled my fish, I knew it’d pay off!

Buttered Sturgeon (New)
Cooking. 2 sec cast. Reagents: Blind Lake Sturgeon Flesh (12), Crescent Saberfish Flesh (6).

Jumbo Sea Dog (New)
Cooking. 2 sec cast. Reagents: Jawless Skulker Flesh (12), Crescent Saberfish Flesh (6).

Pickled Eel (New)
Cooking. 2 sec cast. Reagents: Abyssal Gulper Eel Flesh (12), Crescent Saberfish Flesh (6).

Salty Squid Roll (New)
Cooking. 2 sec cast. Reagents: Fire Ammonite Tentacle (12), Crescent Saberfish Flesh (6).

Sleeper Sushi (New)
Cooking. 2 sec cast. Reagents: Fat Sleeper Flesh (12), Crescent Saberfish Flesh (6).
Whiptail Fillet (New)
Cooking. 2 sec cast. Reagents: Blackwater Whiptail Flesh (12), Crescent Saberfish Flesh (6).

Finally some speculation. I think the price on the fish and savage bloods will sky-rocket when the patch drops and then settle back down to normal in two weeks. Keep an eye on the Auction House to make a little pocket change.


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