Patch 6.1 Check List

The list of changes can be found at MMO Champs.

Tomorrow is when all the changes come in, I’ve been looking over the list of changes. The list is huge. As much as people complain about no content, there are a lot of things going on in our world, our garrison, our UI and our classes.

We were laughing last night in our raid because we know some buffs (and nerfs) are coming to our casual group of players. As we worked on our fourth boss in Normal Black Rock Foundry, I think we were all anticipating the changes soon to come.

There isn’t a lot changing with my Resto-Druid healer. Hunters are getting a bevy of changes, including the return of Stampede!

From the above link, I want to get my Heirloom stuff first which will mean logging into all my neglected alts; many of whom are spread across many realms. Tedious at best, but nonetheless … here comes patch 6.1!


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