Resto-Druid — Casual Style


Casual raiding does not mean that we suck. The game is designed for casual players too and we are having a great time!

Once again, I read my Healcraft and my Shifting Persectives all of the time. I follow their advice but also know that the guys who are writing the articles are really good players, often the best players in the game. What does this mean?

It means that I am getting the best advice. However, this also means that they are playing with the best players too — which I, as casual, clearly am not. For example: from the Healcraft web site:

 Many fights in Blackrock Foundry are long with many periods of low damage. Dream of Cenarius is a perfect filler for those moments, as well as a great way to save mana.

Now, I can tell you honestly: the raids that I am in do not have many periods of low damage. C’mon now, these are my friends! We are blabbing away about 50 Shades of Gray and snorting and giggling and standing in the fire.

The best advice to be sure. But, not only do I need to be raid situational but also guild situational. I have to know that one raider has two kids screaming in the background and might be distracted and need some extra healing love. I have to know that one of our bad-ass gamer girls has a sultry voice and when she speaks the men all are stunned for five seconds.

It is totally fun. We are having a great time and I would imagine that we are about the same as any typical guild. We are 6/7 on normal High Maul; last night we “one shot” each boss all the way up to the last boss before we ran out of time. We are dabbling in Black Rock Foundry, on normal because that is the way we play. Sometimes we go and do some heroic kill in High Maul but it’s not so fun because the fights are not new, just the same but harder.

I do take advice though and try things out. I have to go and try Displacer Beast now because that is the experts advice.

Displacer Beast is the obvious choice on nearly every encounter. Many players forgo Displacer Beast for Feline Swiftness because they do not want to add another keybound ability to their bars. However, this is a very poor choice. The utility of a blink is too good to give up. A blink is almost always better than a flat 15% movement speed buff.

Thanks Healcraft, you are keeping me busy!

3 thoughts on “Resto-Druid — Casual Style

  1. Hiyah, stumbled across here (from Healcraft) doing my usual “how do I become a better druid [as a casual player]?” and this section struck a cord. I’d discounted Dream of Cenarius for similar reasons (boost wrath? When do I have time to cast wrath?), but also happened across the comparison section of Ask Mr Robot which suggested that my raid performance was barely 50% of similarly geared druids. Now that doesn’t give a lot of context into how it even arrives at that figure let alone what you might do about it, but it did make me have a good look into my entire spec and rotation.

    I’m pretty sure having tried a few things out in LFR that in a casual group Dream of Cenarius has a viable place in a healing Druid’s rotation. Not to the same extent as in LFR (let the over-healers play) for sure but in a 10 man group with 3 reasonably similarly geared healers, especially if the druid is primarily tank healing with wild growth put down when needed, that it can be a viable choice over Tree of Life

    Oh and the advice on Displacer Beast is spot in. In heroics it got me killed as often as saved me, but in raids I’m often amazed how long it took me to appreciate the advice. Darmac is a fight where it gets used a lot, for example, you’re concentrating on the heal bars, a tank buggers up or gets squished and you’ve got a stack of mobs heading in your direction, displacer beast saves your arse and then you can battle-res the tank and go home for tea and medals (or preferably loot).


    • I’m finding that timing Heart of the Wild or Incarnation with Tranquility is very strong, especially when you claim your spots. On Flamemender, I claim the first and third firestorms — it helps the raid, asserts some leadership on my part … and it makes my numbers look great!


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