Druid Healer – Vuhdo – Casual Style

Vudho is an addon for healers though I know a few tanks who use it too.
As a “casual” I thought I’d show how I use it and the spell layout that I have.
To start, get the addon; maybe from Curse.com

/vuhdo opt

Will give you Vudho Options, this is where you can tinker with the machine. Click on the image to get the full size.

The first thing you do it click the “move” button on the piano keys at the bottom.

This will give you the “move stuff around” options and the “get rid of stuff” options.

Make your groups look like the screen cap. See to the left where there is a plus and an x? That is where you can get rid of all the other junk (main tanks, private tanks etc).

Click on the piano key for Spells. These are my three mouse keys. Rejuvenation is my left button and my bread and butter spell. You simply type in the spell’s name.

I “drive the train” by using my WASD keys, my thumb can drop onto the Alt key for another set of spells!

My Alt keys are the second layer of my spell-casting. I used Healing Touch a lot more in MoP since it was part of our tier set. You can see Nature’s Vigil is grayed out — that is because I don’t have that talent chosen right now, when I do choose that talent; this is how I activate it.

Finally, the Shift key. This is not as easy to click, so I have very little over here.

We also have to de-curse people, so it’s my shift key. As you can see, I have not even used the other slots. I could put any number of spells in there like Incarnation; but  I don’t.

That is all there is to it!

If a player is dead and you click on their pane, by default vuhdo will cast either the revive or rebirth spell. By default, if someone is cursed (or whatever), the color will change on the panel. By default, you can move your panels out of combat, but not while in combat.

That is all I do! I saved my profile under my healer’s character name. Obviously I am only using maybe 10% of what this powerful tool can do; feel free to tinker, change stuff around and go as deep as you please.

But, as a casual raider, this is my Vuhdo set up and it serves me well.

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