How to Quit a Guild in WoW

“To say goodbye is to die a little.”
Raymond Chandler

Simply put, the way to quit a quild is by entering a command in the chat line. But there is so much more to it than that.


My Guild Master disagrees with me. I think that there are two ways to leave a guild gracefully. One is to log on at 3am when no one is on; two, to announce to the guild that you are leaving and why with a hearty thank you. My Guild Master hates the first choice.

Stabbymcstab has left the guild.

It is incredibly abrupt. Even if there is no malintent (deleting a character to start a new one) it is shocking to see in guild chat. It hurts a little. We start asking questions in guild chat or to ourselves.

Do we suck?

Good players will announce before they leave a guild. They will explain why, say thank you to everyone and wish everyone good luck. That player will also leave a message with the Guild Master explaining the same thing.

It is a shock.

The language provided by Blizzard and the display could be vastly improved. Along with my long list of things that could give guilds some love, /gquit needs the most. I’d like to see, for example, no message at all.

No news is good news.

I think anyone could leave a guild and not be noticed for a few days. You likely have compadres who you do certain things with; someone who you do invasions with, someone who you pvp with, someone else who you raid with.

Players can disappear and not be missed.

Since we can’t have the zero notice in guild chat when someone leaves. There has to be a better way to have a generic exit from a guild without upsetting everyone. Don’t scoff, people do get upset.

Blizzard should hire me.

I’d like some Blizzard love on this. I’d like to see that when we type /gquit that a box opens up with four choices of a message to leave behind. All are positive messages. If you want to take a dump on your guild, you’ll have to spell it out, amigo.

  • Thanks everyone but I’m moving on to a guild that has raid times that match my schedule better. Good luck!
  • I’ve decided to delete this character, perhaps my new toon will join this guild. Good luck!
  • Good luck everyone, I enjoyed my time in this guild. I’m simply moving on to try other things.
  • I’m moving this character to a different server to be with a friend’s guild. Thanks everyone and happy hunting!

The auto-message would smooth the way one hundred times over. It would keep people from being upset and “reading between the lines” that there is drama on the surface or behind the scenes. This is a necessary improvement that is critical to the health of any guild.


If you HAVE to have an exit with a parting shot, maybe a new exit /ragequit. I’d not want it. But, perhaps Blizzard could have a mocking line added. … has left the guild pissed off at the world.

Stabbymcstab has left the guild gracefully.

Isn’t that better?


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