2/4/9 Raiding

2/4/9 seems to be the accepted recipe for raid success. Two Tanks, Four Healers and Nine DPS.

I was in a raid last night on Kromog. We were mostly new, a couple of people had seen the fight before. We wiped 16  times before we got it. I think we expected the first eight, the tanks were talking to each other about spacing, swapping and other mechanics. The dps were learning how to get everyone out of the grips; so on and so on.

The deal is: after 15 wipes, two of the dps left. And we downed the boss with ease. The healers all exclaimed that they had mana left over. We had a full minute before Berserk.

So, what is the answer? I’ve asked in forums and over on Blizzard Watch and there doesn’t seem to be an answer. I know this is the arc of a new raid, once we have more gear it will get easier. I also know that this is the fun part. We are learning the fights and getting by with the little gear that we have; it is great.

Still, without knowing the raid composition ideal for Kromog, we’d have kept wiping until we gave up; is that the intended experience?


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