Blizzard Designers Fired!

Once upon a time a child was born. He grew up playing Mario Brothers on Nintendo. He loved it and thought he’d go into game design. He learned to program and draw and got a job. Then he got hired at Blizzard to work on World of Warcraft.

This guy is only 30 years old. You’d think that’s old enough but clearly not. His idea of designing a raid encounter is Jump, Jump, Run, Jump, Shoot, Shoot, Jump, Run, Jump. Heck, it was fun when he was eight years old, why not now?

He has artists who can make these beautiful rooms. He has developer guys who can design any mechanic that can be imagined. There are lore guys who can create the dialog and that will support an immersive encounter.

But this guy sucks.

And he doesn’t have a boss who will throttle him down. What is going on in Blackrock Foundry? Where did the designer for Lei-Shen go; to another company? Now that was a great design.

Jump, Jump, Run, Move, Duck, Jump, Shoot, Jump, Run

Oregorger even looks like Pac-Man. I can understand some surreal time warp portal where we are chasing down Garrosh and the threat to the Iron Horde but did Blizzard go back in time too? That is not just surreal, that is Andy Warhol surreal. That is Salvador Dali surreal.

I’d fire that Designer or move him up to management. Kromog has this great idea, I love the hands that come out from the floor and grip the players. But it has the discs from Heart of Fear! It is getting more surreal in every encounter.

One. I’ll accept one. Hanz and Franz with the pop tarts and the stampers, every raid should have one where we have to jump, jump, duck, jump, frogger, pacman, joust, shoot, jump.

Fire his ass. Ten million players reduced to Nintendo game play in an otherwise fabulous franchise. Sure, sure; race games in the DMF are awesome. Mario-cart for the lovers of race games, bring it — people love it as a side attraction.

But not in my raid.


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