Big Red Kitty on Hearthcast

Calvin: It’s a magical world, Hobbes, ol’ buddy…Let’s go exploring!

Hearthcast Episode #259: You Like Hunters? We Like Hunters!

I’ve been listening to Hearthcast for years. I don’t miss an episode, it is part of my morning dailies. Rewt and Freckleface are funny and engaging and as casual as I am.

Hearthcast has expanded some, they also play other Blizzard games besides WoW. Freckleface likes her card game. They both play goblins and I feel like they are my friends. From them I’ve learned of other podcasts like The Training Dummies. They play games within the show, have contests and simply have a ball. They even host meet-up groups in Florida. They are brilliant WoW community.

This weeks episode brings an interview with Big Red Kitty.

BRK began blogging in mid-BC when blogging was new. He was an instant hit with his hunter knowledge and his distain for rogues. He had an enthusiasm for the game that made you want to go play some more. His blog was hunter-centric with some clever lobs at “the lesser classes.”

He is still a tech savvy guy. Back then, he would often post three minute videos on his blog about “how to” do a something. This is why I still have an Ooze hunter pet from the Shalozar Basin. BRK was the man.

As he grew in popularity, Wow Insider hired him and he moved over there with a bi-weekly column, as I recall. Each posting was eagerly anticipated, often I would take notes so I could apply his advice in game. Still, his blog continued with even more.

When Cata was being designed, BRK was asked by Blizzard to help test the game. It was thanks to BRK that hunters now start with pets at level one! That is huge and necessary. I believe he got some of the spells moved to be learned at the right level and a host of other things.

He has an in-game item. The BRK-1000 is a rifle (of course, a gun) though I heard on the podcast that you can’t get it any more. That must be fixed immediately.

Then, his wife came down on him.

It was her or the game.

BRK shut down his blog. He quit the game.

He disappeared. He continued his blog but it was stripped down to “my trip to the grocery store” type postings.

His wife divorced him anyways. Even I feel bitter about it and I wasn’t there. That was some cold shit.

It’s now been years. And today, to my huge and great delight; BRK visited Hearthcast for an engaging interview. He is so funny and cheerful. His enthusiasm for the game is infectious.

Click the link at the top of the page for the interview and for a good taste of my favorites: Rewt and Freckleface.



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