6.1 Hunter Raiding – Survival

Survival can be summed up in three words – never give up.
That’s the heart of it really.
Just keep trying.
–Bear Grylls

6.1 Hunter Raiding – Survival

First up, I’m casual; meaning I am in groups that are doing Normal. If you think you are a stud and only do elite stuff, really this isn’t for you. This is my set up for Survival. I’ll have to do Beast Mastery some other day.

Tome of the Clear Mind
Item Level 86 

"Sold by inscription vendors and crafted by
scribes, this tome is necessary to remove
powerful glyphs and talents so that one may
apply new ones. Reserved for those level 86 or 

Max Stack: 200
Sell Price: 12 50 

Go ahead and buy a stack of 200. Changing glyphs and talents (and even specs!) between fights is part of the fun. Indulge yourself and have a ball. Let’s look at the bosses and consider what might be handy.

High Maul
My Talents are typically: Crouching Tiger, Binding Shot, Iron Hawk, Stampede, Barrage, Lone Wolf.

Kargath Bladefist
This might be one of the easier fights, it’s the first boss of the raid. My glpyhs are:

Major Glyphs
Glyph of Pathfinding
Requires Hunter
Automatically learnt at level 25 

Increases the speed bonus of your Aspect of the
Cheetah and Aspect of the Pack by 8%, and
increases your speed while mounted by 10%.
The mounted movement speed increase does not stack
with other effects.
Glyph of Animal Bond
Requires Hunter 

While your pet is active, all healing done to you
and your pet is increased by 10%.
3 min recharge

2 Charges
Requires Hunter
Requires level 78 

You deflect all attacks and take 30% less
damage for 5 sec, but you cannot attack.
Minor Glyphs
Aspect of the Cheetah
10 sec cooldown

Requires Hunter
Requires level 24 

The Hunter takes on the aspect of a cheetah,
increasing movement speed by 30%.  If the
Hunter is hit by an attack, his movement will be
slowed by 70% for 4 sec.  Only one Aspect can
be active at a time. 
Aspect of the Pack
10 sec cooldown

Requires Hunter
Requires level 56 

Party and raid members within 40 yards take on
the aspects of a pack of cheetahs, increasing
movement speed by 30%.  Anyone hit by an
attack while in this aspect will move 70% slower
for 4 sec.  Only one Aspect can be active at a

The combination of Pathfinding and Aspect of the Cheetah gives you some great foot speed. This will be for when the boss is charging you and you have to run behind the pillars. As a hunter, you WILL be asked to go into the stands. Target either the bomber or the drunken guy and use multi-shot and then barrage.

The Butcher
As a hunter, you WILL be asked to move in and out on the Butcher so the stacks can .. well, stack on either of the two groups. We do three stacks. I use Disengage to jump back without losing a shot on the boss.
I like to use:

Glyph of Liberation
Requires Hunter
Automatically learnt at level 25
Requires level 43 

When you Disengage, you are healed for 4% of
your total health.

This gives me a 4% heal to help out the raid and I know I’m using Disengage predicatably. Also, I’ll still have stacks on me for a bit and this will help just that little bit.


Sometimes you think that High Maul was designed for hunter love and Tectus is a lovely hunter encounter. I often change over to Beast Mastery because it is so much fun. However for Survival …
I normally use Stampede on the pull. A Murder of Crows might be interesting when the boss splits up but I’ve not tried it. I keep my Pathfinding and Cheetah glyphs to I can hot-foot it around the raid when I have that red stuff on me (crystaline barrage, as I recall).
The raid leader will mark with skull, so you keep your shots on skull but make sure you keep your dots up on all the extras and barrage off cooldown. Explosive shot takes no time at all, toss that at their feet too. And enjoy your spot on the meters.


As a hunter, you WILL be on the flame throwers. I change my level one talent to:

Requires Hunter
Requires level 15 

Disengage also frees you from all movement
impairing effects and increases your movement
speed by 60% for 8 sec.

Posthaste, Pathfinding, Aspect of the Cheetah will let you whoosh through the creeping ooze with your flamethrower and build the stack buff. Then you can race back to help on the boss, the big add, the spores, etc.

Twin Ogron

This is totally a fun fight. I swap my talent back to:

Crouching Tiger, Hidden Chimaera
Requires Hunter
Requires level 15 

Reduces the cooldown of Disengage by 10 sec,
and the cooldown of Deterrence by 60 sec.

This had a sneaky change since the last expansion. We used to be tougher. But, with Iron Hawk and the glyph, our damage is reduced by 30%. This is for the fires of Quake. I’ve never tried to Disengage over the fires; I let them back me up to a wall and I use Deterrece (before!) the fires hit me and I run back to the middle of the room. No stacking damage for the fires, your healers will love you. Simply run right through the fire. Keep serpent sting ticking on both bosses throughout, drop the fire trap when they stack, use barrage off of cooldown.


As a hunter, you WILL be the first guy into that shell thing in the middle of the room. This will give you a big damage reduction buff so you can “soak the balls.” Soaking damage is the lingo here in the World of Warcraft; typically applied to the tank. Sure enough, there are balls descending during this fight and it is our job to “soak the balls or we’ll wipe.” If your raid leader can get through the initial explanation without the raid falling apart in gales of laughter; well, you are not in my raid.

Imperator Mar’gok

I’ll have to amend this guide once we down this boss. I’ve been a healer many more times than I’ve been on my hunter and that is a different fight, I’m sure you’d agree.
I’ll get back to this guy some day.

Black Rock Foundry

I use Stampede and Glaive Toss. I use Disengage for the Petrify (get away from others) spell. The rest is simple raid awareness.

Beastlord Darmac
This fight is a hunter’s dream. Blizzard loves hunters. You’ll probably want to change your glyph to:

Glyph of Tranquilizing Shot
Item Level 25
Major Glyph
Classes: Hunter 

Your Tranquilizing Shot no longer costs Focus,
but has a 10 sec cooldown.
Requires Level 25

We hunters just got the cost of Tranq Shot upped to 50 focus. Way too expensive, so we have to use our glyph. No big deal for us hunters. I know, I know; Beast Mastery with Steady Focus, Blink Strikes and Barrage is a blast.
For us Survival, we have some nice things too.
I like to toss a fire trap where the big pack of adds come out, multishot them and then barrage. I like to make sure I have Serpent Sting ticking on the Spears at all times until our raid leader calls for us to focus on them.
Be careful with Stampede! On the pull, it is awesome. Off cooldown, wait until he is freshly mounted. Nothing is more depressing than seeing your wonderful stampede slogging across the room trying to catch the boss as he runs to another mount.

Hans’gar and Franzok
Pathfinding and Aspect of the Cheetah.
Keep Serpent Sting ticking on both guys, especially before one jumps up and away.
Be ready, oh so ready, to cast Aspect of the Fox — your healers will want to cast a channeled heal while on the run so it’s time for the hunter to shine.


I’d be tempted so go Beast Mastery so my pet is on the boss while I’m running for my life. I did it on Thok!
I have no glyph or talent tips for this guy; just do your best and stay alive. Follow the raid leaders strategy.
In the raid I’m in, we have three hunters. Counter Shot has too long of a cooldown (24 seconds) to be on the interupt rotation for Acid Barrage. However, you CAN back them up and double up. Talk to the other hunters for who is on One, Two and Three. DBM has a warning, if not open DBM and click the spell so you are warned.
The longer Oregorger stays in the stationary phase, the better and this is dependant on those interupts.

Flamebender Ka’graz

Hunters have the advantage in that we can soak the bomb falling on us with Deterrence. You have two before the long cooldown, so keep track. Concussive Shot on the Cinder Wolves will slow them down as they fixate on you or your buddy. You can jump OVER the fire lines. Stack for Firestorm and then Disengage out when it’s over. It’s a busy darn fight, stay alive and out of all the stuff.


This is a great fight with cool graphics and mechanics. It is designed with the hunter in mind with our aoe shots.
We stack in the center, facing the boss. The lesser classes, melee, cower in the corner by the crates. Avoiding the different things is easy enough. When the hands come out of the ground — you need to race to the back of the room so that you are facing everyone else who is handed and struggling.
I used to drop a fire trap at the feed of the healer and target that healer and use barrage and multishot but I was always the last guy out and often dead, dead, depressed. Now I fire trap myself — target myself — and use barrage and multishot.
It is so critical to get out of these hands, on the second time we are grabbed, I often use a pot to help push through the phase.
Fun, fun fight.

Operator Thogar
We’ve not downed this boss yet.
I made a targeting macro:

/tar Grom'kar Firemender

To quickly find him and down him and interupt his nasty spell. We are also responsible for the cannons on the train. There is a huge temptation to go AOE Crazy, but make sure you find your target (listen to your raid leader) and be pounding on him before you go nuts with multi and barrage and fire trap.

We’ll get him some day.

That’s all the bosses we’ve done so far! I hope you liked this guide.

To finish up, this is my “on pull” macro that casts misdirection, aspect of the fox and a potion.

#showtooltip Misdirection
/cast [@focus, help] [@pet, nodead, exists] Misdirection
/use Draenic Agility Potion
/cast Aspect of the Fox

Happy Hunting!


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