Warlords of Draenor End Boss

Raiding in Warlords of Draenor

I appreciate the High Maul raid. Outdoor raids have always been a pleasure to me because there is light! I can see what is going on. Zul Farrak over in Tanaris was such a treat that I used to carry players at level through just because of the fun factor.

We do have our mix in the wonderful World of Warcraft. A lot of raids take us inside and outside. Some are nasty dungeons with creepy low ceilings and way too many rats and ickys scurrying around my feet. Some big raids got outside and then end inside, most of them in fact.

I like Black Rock Foundry a lot. The lighting designer deserves a medal and an award. It is dark. So very dark but the light draws to the next place, the new fight, the encounter. There is more than fire, there is molten slag; heat. I love it. I wish we’d get a bonus for fighting nekkid, it’s so damn hot in there.

The LFR annoys because we start with the same mobs over and over and over again. It is simply annoying, there should have been a better design choice. I know that we as free-spirited players want to run ahead and the mobs keep that from happening; it is the introduction to the Raid — but, re-tune the LFR! Give us grinders a break.

Siegecrafter Blackfuse would have been at home in the Foundry.

We pwn and own Draenor. It was a suicide mission with no returning to Azeroth. A one-way portal. I hopped on my mount and scoured Shadowmoon Valley. I delved and loved the lore in the Spires of Arak. Nagrand was like coming home. I soloed Warlords of Draenor, if they wanted a hero; I’m the man.

The threat was not so great. With 12 of my comrades, we blew through High Maul. It took only a dozen of the heroes of Azeroth to settle the score with the Iron Horde in Black Rock Foundry. Veterns of the Lich King and Deathwing, our stalwart band took it to them, hard.

What’s up with Khadgar? We can see that he’s a bastard. He is not the benevolent leader he’s pretending to be. The mask will be ripped off at some point, soon I’d imagine.

There is plenty of speculation. Who Khadgar really is as a baddie and end boss.

I’m voting for Drew Barrymore.

Drew would be a great end boss. Overly sincere, beautiful and talented; she would be great. She has the pedigree, her family goes back three generations of terrific actors. I can see the lore speech now, “Empowering women!” “Never been kissed!” “You thought Adam Sandler was a star? You are not prepared!” “I am AN ANGEL!”

No one knows, yet, who that end boss will be. My vote goes to sister Drew Barrymore.


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