Make Love Make Warcraft

Speak softly and carry a big stick; you will go far.
Theodore Roosevelt

I have a big Number.

I’m still amazed at players who obsess on their big Number. It’s not the size of the numbers, it’s how you use it. Sure, sure, sure; we all like big Numbers. We’ve even downloaded tools to measure out big Numbers and publicly display them.

So very gauche.

I was in a LFR Brackenspore and at the end of the fight, some jive kid posted his Recount for all to see. He had a huge Number. However, on a closer look, he was banging Brackenspore exclusively; no spore shooters, no wild mushrooms, not even the big add that needs interrupts. We know that some interruptions can lead to better endings.

People who post their big Number for all to see only satisfy themselves.
They are boring to everyone else and even moreso, won’t be invited back.

That is when you know you have your groove on. When you get that tentative invite two days later to come do it again. You were a stud.

I heal with a paladin. As a pally healer, he is naturally devastatingly handsome with a fine dry wit. Myself, a down-to-earth Druid have my own winning charm and public grace. He obsesses on my big Number. He wants his Number to be as big as mine and he’s not even in my same class!

Dude, they love what we are doing to them. They want us to come back again tomorrow and do it to them again.

If someone called me out in a public forum and called me a failure; told me I could not play my class and that my Number was not big enough — I’d not play with them: and they can just go play with themselves and admire their own big Number all alone, as usual. Because, I get invited back.

There are times when we should be proud of our big Number.
When the raid leader says “Pop Hero”.


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