Warlords of Draenor – The Truth

Pontius Pilate: And what is ‘truth’? Is truth unchanging law?
We both have truths. Are mine the same as yours?

Jesus Christ Superstar

Warlords of Draenor – The Truth

Stop for a second. Imagine that you just bought the expansion to Warlords of Draenor today. You’d played some of the past expansions and thought you’d give this a test drive. You’d be totally happy, engaged, curious and satisfied.

The struggle that many of the players have with this expansion (no content) is that they jumped into it on the first day and ate everything up in one stoned out binge. They ate all of Shadowmoon Valley in a day like a package of Oreos. They ripped through Talador like tearing through a bucket of KFC. Stoned out binge playing. I’d even ask: do they remember any of it?

If you were to start today, all of the pieces would make sense. You’d be leveling up, exploring the land and lore. You’d be discovering treasures without a map or addon. Once you dinged 100, you’d have a garrison and dungeons and two full LFR wings to gear up, mat up and get rich.

Now that we look back, brushing the crumbs off of our face, we know the treasures were not that great. It wasn’t worth it to go get them ALL. They were meant to be found with surprise; a little extra bit tucked in some corner. But we got greedy and used up everything all in a day. And we cry that there isn’t more to do.

The truth is that we do this every expansion. Our guild master wants to raid Day One that the wing opens. We raced to get to level and have the gear we needed (630 was our start for High Maul normal) and have buff foods, flasks, pots, gems and enchants.

The truth is that we look back on expansions and remember when we were OP, Over Powering at the end of an expansion and we loved it. We loved being strong enough to solo once feared content or rare boss. We loved the casual way we smoothly ran through the last raid, generously taking a lowbie through for gear. We were gods.

We have a couple of veteran players in our guild. They are just now willing to raid with us. They let us do all the progression, the choreography, the learning curves for each boss. They’ll join now and enjoy raiding. Smart guys.

The truth is that we are pigs. The game designers have it all mapped out over the arc of an expansion which means time-based design. They know where we are going (and some are working on the next expansion), the puzzle pieces exist. One doesn’t get a WoW expansion completed; it comes in pieces and patches with a cliff-hanging story arc. We pigged out on the available content and seem surprised that we ate it all yesterday and are hungry for more.

Go on a WoW diet. It’s a good game and a good franchise.


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