Wow Fan Boy

I’m a fan!

I like the World of Warcraft game. It’s like a hobby to me, I suppose. I find myself listening to podcasts while I do my rounds that are repetitive. I follow MMO Champs when there is a patch coming. And I read Blizzard Watch, though none of the writers are raiding this expansion and it’s a weaker resource because of that fact.

One of my failures as a teacher (as far as I know, we only plant seeds) is that I couldn’t get my students to be fans of their subjects. Why, if you are going to school, would you not be interested in everything about it?

It hit me one day when I was talking to a friend. We were talking about basketball and I knew all kinds of facts, trivia, records and stories. I’m a fan of the game and enjoy talking to other fans when I meet them. Why would not my students treat their chosen field like a fan? They should, I know this in my heart. I treated my field as a fan and that is why (I felt) that I was a good teacher.

I’m not a nurse, so I’ll use that as an example. If I were planning on being a nurse as a career; I would chose that profession because I believe in what nurses do and I want to be a part of this amazing group of people. In the process, my enthusiasm would lead me know all about Florence Nightingale. And Madam Curie. And Mother Theresa. I’d know when and where the first stethoscope showed up in history with some fun side facts. I’d be a fan.

I roll my eyes when gun enthusiasts get together because I don’t do guns. Why would anyone care about the caliber and range of a specific hand gun from World War II? Why would I care that a rifle is called so because the inside of the barrel is “rifled” with lines that spiral to make the bullet spin and so go truer and farther? I don’t care at all! But those gun guys do, they are totally fans. I can dig that.

So, I’m a fan of WoW but not a fanatic. You don’t have to jump on my bandwagon. But, as a fan, I like knowing what is going on. I love the guildie who logs in and asks “what did I miss?” because we are so active. I might even go research Khadgar to see who this guy was in our lore ….


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