Pre-Made Finder in WoD

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Eudora Welty

Pre-Made Finder in WoW

It works.

I don’t see nearly as many choices and options as I did with OQueue but since it is built into the game, I feel much better about using it.

It has given me the option to free-lance and better still, cherry pick the boss I want loot off of. I can raid with my team; if I don’t get the Kromog drop then I can go back later and try a bonus roll with a Pick Up Group. Or, my raid may not have gotten as deep, yet I want to finish my tier set; I can find a group doing exactly that.

There are not a enough groups but that is because it is player driven. Still, I have been with weary groups trying over and over on a boss with players flowing in and out like the tide and I have also been with mythic geared groups who offer a carry and company (which is totally fun and amazing).

You will be declined. Accept that. It is a five minute request and you can click (or cluck) on several different teams. It is easy to be discouraged. I try to treat it like a mini-raid experience where I have set aside an hour’s time to reach my goal. It’s harder to hope for a quick Join and Kill.

It helps (really helps) to know the fight. Like anything raid oriented in WoW, you have to either:

  1.  Jump in on Day One and learn with everyone.
  2.  Wait until much later when you have learned the fights with your guild.

Black Rock Foundry is on Farm for many guilds and groups. It isn’t for me.

We are in that dusty vague time in-between patches and content. The effort to be fully geared in the highest min/max sets will be shattered the first day of the next patch. The desire for a few new pieces to be stronger and then able to help push your comrades in your own raid groups remains vital and robust.

Notes on Pre-Made Boss Killing

  • Bring your own stuff; food, flasks, pots. No one will have sympathy for your lack and it might get you kicked.
  • Be at the front door. Some groups will summon but if they need just one more person, they’ll sit there facing the boss and wait for you.
  • Be a Pro. Polite, patient, prepared and purposeful.
  • Expect the worse, enjoy the best.
  • Don’t expect to be carried and then quit on the first fail — you suck eggs when you are “that guy”. You suck and are a dick.
  • Keep your flashy stuff to a minimum. Save that crap for World Boss kills (found under the Custom setting).

Have fun. Joining a group of strangers with a common goal is fun and rewarding. The more you use your tool, the less trepidation you will have in using it or even thinking of it as a choice.


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