Felblight — Preparing for 6.2

What I lack in talent,
I compensate with my willingness to grind it out.
That’s the secret of my life.

Guy Kawasaki

Felblight – Preparing for 6.2

Today’s date is May 14, 2015.
As you continue to research on anything WoW, always look at the date. I’ve found myself poring over articles only to find the information is five years old on Wowhead.

Felblight is a pisser. We’ll pick it up by way of our gathering professions. We will be collecting herbs, ores, fish and skins; which we already have in abundance, hoping for a drop of Felblight.

My plans:

Day One of the Patch:
I’ll hop on my water strider and run to the shores of the Tanaan Jungle. I’ll be checking out if the new Frenzy-whatever pools spawn along the beaches or if I have to fish inland. It will be Fishing Pools, no more continual casting — these pools will be chased down and in competition. I hope they will be on the shore, giving me much more real estate to find my own Fishing Rotation.

Once I’ve scouted the beaches, I’ll use Aviana’s Feather to shoot over the mountains and go in-land into the new Tanaan Jungle. Once I land, I’ll simply mount up and begin opening up the map. I’ll look for flight points, quest hubs, potential skinning, oreing and herbing.

Notice that so far, I’ve skipped the whole Shipyard stuff.

I anticipate some quests that say “go kill 20 mammoth.” I hope to ninja as many skins as possible for Felblight.

I’ll ask my guild to all have the Gatherer addon so we can collectively discover any patterns to the nodes.

Crafted gear is only appealing early in a patch or an expansion. If I don’t push hard on Day One, it’s a bust. Because we have to MOVE to find this Felblight, I’d guess one every ten minutes? That will be Twenty Hours of play time.

Felblight sucks hard, sucks ugly; it is a bad design.




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