Draenor Pathfinder

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Peter Pan

Draenor Pathfinder

Well, well, well. It looks like we’ll get flying in Draenor after all.


The Cynic in me thinks that it’s too late. The expansion will be over and the need to fly will be long gone. A concession by Blizzard to appease the fan base: and only that.

Still, I’m looking forward to flying and the grind to get there. The Draenor Pathfinder meta-achieve has Loremaster of Dreanor, 100 Treasures, Explore Dreanor, Securing Dreanor and Revered with the three rep factions which will be introduced with the Tanaan Jungle (patch 6.2).

Still, the unlock of flying will be 6.2.x, a patch down the line.


  • Loremaster is easily done by following the quest lines. I finished up last night and in my raid gear it was a speedy breeze.
  • Explore Dreanor had me stumped until I realized that the achievement will list the zones! Instead of merely looking at the map for a grayed out area, I can look it up.
  • Securing Dreanor is the Apexis Crystal dailies. You can work around that by buying the mission scroll from the guy next to your cache.
  • Treasures. Since when did Jumping Puzzles become so important to WoW game design? Anyways, once you have quested a zone, you can get the maps. So far (to me) Shadowmoon Valley sucks, Spires is not so bad. Treasures suck.

Even when 6.2 drops, it will be a minimum of three weeks before you could unlock your flying.

From Blizzard Watch
The Alliance and Horde each have three factions: Order of the Awakened, The Saberstalkers, and Hand of the Prophet (Alliance) / Vol’jin’s Headhunters (Horde). You can get reputation in a mix of ways, including daily quests, weekly quests, and killing mobs, depending on the faction in question. Here’s a rundown:

  • Order of the Awakened: This is a standard daily grind with a single daily quest. Expect hitting revered to take 14 days of questing.
  • The Saberstalkers: Requires killing elites in Fang’rila. One daily and one weekly quest offer bonus rep for more killing. Because you get rep for killing, you could easily jump in a group and just grind this out.
  • Hand of the Prophet (Alliance) / Vol’jin’s Headhunters (Horde): Three daily quests each. Expect hitting revered to take 19 days of questing.

In addition to the above, you can increase reputation with all of these factions by using the Medallion of the Legion, which grants 1000 reputation for all Draenor factions. You can get these by completing the Eldritch Horrors mission or as drops from mobs in Tanaan. All of these are also affected by reputation bonuses like guild standards, the Trading Post buff, and the Darkmoon Faire buff, so you could potentially push through these even more quickly.

And … WoW Patch 6.2 release date likely June 23. There was a snafu on Blizzard’s part, they posted the date and quickly took it down. Savvy players picked up on it.

So: 6.2 on June 23; flying in late July or early August.

I guess Blizzcon will be announcing the next expansion; we’ll be done with Warlords of Dreanor.


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