I Love My Guild – Chapter 14

“I know there is strength in the differences between us.
I know there is comfort, where we overlap.”

― Ani DiFranco

I Love My Guild – Chapter Fourteen

Late night guild time; the raids are over, the group stuff has all wound down. People are fishing, working on odd things and chatting in guild chat. A quiet time, really.

One of our guildies offers up that he is best friends with two people who do burlesque. They’ve been invited to perform at a charity event for the LGBT community.

Then he drops the bombshell: he’s been asked to perform too. He says that as a straight man, the gay community loves it when someone steps up. A drag show.

If I may ask; what would your guild do?

One guildie suggested he go old school with Mae West or Carol Channing.

Another guildie thought that some early Bette Midler would be fun.

I told him to play it clean and not go out to shake that thang. He told me he is quite good at shaking that thang. I told him that he’s playing with the pros, they’ve been practicing their whole lives!

Our guild stepped up because that is what you do; if you have a problem to solve — bring it to your guild.

The general advice was supportive. Don’t over-lisp, camp with style and have fun; keep it short and get off the stage as a good sport. We have good guys in our guild.

We talked about Beyonce. Using a prop like a hat or cane, a stool or stradling a chair. Fosse, of course. Keeping one’s dignity.

I love my guild.

We take care of our own.


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