Gold Nerf in 6.2

It feels almost soft, like something to be caressed. Only gold feels that way.
William Faulkner

The Great Gold Nerf of 6.2

Speculation is rampant. The best that I’ve seen is perhaps we’ll see an account wide daily cooldown on the Treasure Missions; but no one knows.

Watcher said in the Q & A that Blizzard loves when players have Alts.
Alts are fun to play.
What they don’t like is when Alts exist to feed their Mains.
Blizzard wants Alts to stop feeding their Mains.

So, the conclusion today is that there will be a Gold Nerf in 6.2.

In Cata, I leveled three hunters as profession Alts. I had no intention of playing them beyond their task as Main Support and it has worked great. I have Alchemy, Tailoring, Engineering, Herbalist, Miner, Inscription and on and on.

It gave me the liberty of having fun on my main with Engineering (everyone knows that you don’t profit from Engineering).

In WoD, I moved my Alts up the ranks to level 100 with no intention of playing them beyond their task of Main Support. My three Alt hunters have ten followers with Treasure Hunter. It has been great.

So, the assumption is that there will be a Gold Nerf in 6.2. We don’t know the how but we do know the why.

So, this begs the question: why not have Alts that support their Main? Why does this suck?

The bounty we’ve received for the past nine months is paying for Tokens and chasing away illegal gold sellers. It can’t be a threat to the token system …. unless more people are buying game time than buying in-game gold.

I think that is the crux, though we’d never be told. It is not really a question of Alts supporting Mains. It is a feature, the Token system, that is weak if everyone has gold since no one will need to buy the in-game gold token.



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