Preparing for 6.2

“Our universe is rare, like me.”
― Khalid Masood

Preparing for 6.2

Let me start with a story. When Cataclysm dropped, my guild master spent the first day going for Camel Hoarder. He got it, I don’t know how long it took him; a few hours I’d imagine. Day One.

He was a smart guy. He got the rare drop early in the patch when it is least rare. As time moves on, Blizzard dials the rareness up and up, in stages.

When I was mining in Uldum, the first weeks, I was getting the pet drop from the mining nodes about once an hour. I was giving them away. In about two months, they dropped rarely. Once in five hours of mining, I’d guess.

When Warbringers were new to MoP, my friends and I would circle around and kill them for the mounts. On Day One, the mount was dropping off almost every Warbringer. Word got out, of course, what better advertising? In a month, the rarity was dialed up. By the end of the expansion, you’d need to kill twenty warbringers to get a single mount.

For me, it will be Felblight. The highest drop rate will be in the beginning. It might seem crazy to farm it when there is so much else to do but most of that other stuff will be there for a long long time.

Preparing? Look to your achievements and see which have a Rare involved and go for it.

Don’t be like me; scouring Uldum with an addon months into Cata trying to find the darn Camel Figurine.


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