Happy Reset Day

I don’t believe in astrology;
I’m a Sagittarius and we’re skeptical.

Arthur C. Clarke

Reset Day!

My Yahoo! Horoscope for today says:
Your ingenious ideas empower you to convince others to collaborate with you to make your dreams come true. If you skip over important details today, they will quickly come back to haunt you.

The servers are down for maintenance. This means (to me) that I’ll wisely do all my morning errands while it is still cool outside and then cozy up to the World of Warcraft sometime in the afternoon. I expect it to be a two-hour list, depending on my good guild.

Out of my seven level 100’s, three are doing the Shipyard and one is doing Tanaan Jungle and the rep grinds. I move from “the bottom up” my list of characters as the lowest only need Garrison Chores. The top of the list is my main and the time-sink player; no complaints.

Since it is a brand new patch, I have my checklist.

1. Cycle up through my lowest to reset the Garrison missions and collect gold!
2. My top three need followers with the Greasemonkey trait. I am Oil starved for the Shipyard.
3. My top three need to cue for Kazzak, the new world boss for hoped-for drops and a handful of Felblight.
4. My top three need to get their bonus-roll seals.
5. My main needs to do the dailies.

Almost all of that is simply logging into a character and clicking through. Eventually we’ll get a token or something to port us quicker to the Shipyard; maybe a speed burst for the pathway.

Early in the patch, players are eager and willing to summon to Kazzak and I’m thankful. I’ve always been the type of player to ride to the World Boss and then find a group.

It is the beginning of week two of the patch. I have seen about half of the new “rares”, I have found a few of the new legendary pets to battle, I was very prepared for the patch and had stockpiled Charms (so that is done). There is still a lot to explore, discover and share with my guildies in this new zone. So far, so fun.


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