Draenor Pathfinder

“Maybe that’s all demons ever are.
People like us,
doing things without even knowing what we’re doing.”

― Orson Scott Card, Pathfinder

Draenor Pathfinder

Eight days. I’m revered with the factions in the Tanaan Jungle. I only found and used one medallion.

Seriously, I’m done in the Jungle until I get flying. Let’s hope it is Tuesday (July 7).

There is still plenty to do; pet battles, finishing my list of rares, Hellbane Achievement — the list is plenty long and will keep me busy enough.

I yearn for the freedom of flying.

Simple things like flying from my Garrison to the Shipyard. Getting the “big picture” of Dreanor from the air will be a treat. Showing off my flying mounts: I have a feeling that Lion’s Landing will look very cluttered. We have been wanting a place to commune.

The reward for Revered with the factions are pretty great. Though, I can make an Oil Rig now out off the coast of my Shipyard: Blizzard still drives the point home of how we trash and ruin every zone we visit.

Revered in eight days — not so bad, Blizzard.


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