The Gears Grind

Well, if Fortune be a woman, she’s a good wench for this gear.
William Shakespeare

The Gears Grind

Doing the grind for gear, and I still consider this to be the beginning of a patch, has paid off handsomely. I’m pleased as punch with the empowered apexis baleful gear drops as I can have gear with optimal secondary stats.

The first wing in Normal HFC drops 690 gear and the second wing drops 695 gear. It will be very hard to see an upgrade from these two wings since the Baleful stuff is 695 with my exact stats. I’ll be looking for the two-piece tier set from the final boss of each wing and perhaps a trinket.

Would that all of my guild would could should follow the same gearing path. It is grindy but aligns perfectly with the achievements needed for flying. If everyone showed up with an ilevel of 695, we’d be face rolling the wings. We already rock wing one and are 2/3 of wing two. I’m ready to move onward faster, farther, deeper.

There is a psychological boost as well. I feel strong!

Get your gear on. Know that an alt can buy the Empowered Crystal upgrade and mail it; so all that apexis stuff that has been piling up: use it now.


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