Legion — First Take

It is strange that the years teach us patience; that the shorter our time, the greater our capacity for waiting.
Elizabeth Taylor

Legion — First Take

The news is out. Like every blogger, I have to chime in with my two cents. The announcement was at Gamescom with two follow-up Q&A’s. A lot of live streaming; this can be exciting but the amount of actual information is less.

Blizzard continues to build upon it’s roots. The story of the Burning Legion, Sargeras the ultimate bad guy demon, Illidian, Azhara will be the strong influences of the storyline. I didn’t play Wow2, but I think most of it is from that video game.

I like it! It is a story that I kind of know. Illidian (you are not prepared) is known to me though how he is alive (demons don’t die, they go back to the Twisted Nether) is rough. So, that part will be a lot of fun.

Demon Hunter is the new class. Yay, a new class always brings excitement. I look forward to exploring the new starter zone and playing and learning about the new class. I won’t PLAY the new class as it is melee and tank. My first impression is play-style will be like a melee rogue or the busy monk tank: emphasis on agility, movement, speed. They look to be as bright and flashy as the Death Knight was dark and brooding. This is the second “hero” class in the game after the Death Knight.

Class Halls — ho hum. Maybe a shared training dummy with a dps leaderboard, I don’t know, but something to make it fun to visit and not a chore for Champion Follower resets.

In MoP, we got our legendary cloaks; in WoD, we got our rings. This expansion’s spin is on our weapon with it’s own talent tree and we start with it at the beginning. Each spec does it’s own weapon and it will be some artifact from the past: cool!

If (lets make this a big IF) they can design a healer spec artifact that does not involve playing a damage dealer and is not some lame proving grounds; but is fun, exciting and rewarding — I’ll send love letters to the designers. Leveling my healer outside of dungeons and raids is such a fucking drag, I just know that there has to be a better way.

Dalaran is the new hub; both factions. My very first blog post was about a common meeting place and that the Garrisons were lonely. My solution was to make a mini-area just outside the Garrison since everyone (I mean everyone) could just step outside and meet up, show off and get things done. Where is Jaina? I think I heard that Dalaran will still be floating over Northrend … why wouldn’t the mages of the Kirin Tor float the city over to the new zone?

Flying will happen. We start our requirements on Day One of the expansion but it will take a long time. Loremaster, Explore, Rep grinds all timed and spaced to allow flying way late in the expansion. I begin to think that it is the carrot for us to willingly chase, far beyond any faction rep or legendary reward.


In all, it will be a full fun expansion. It is the first news, Blizzcon in October will have a lot more news and likely the Public Test Realms will open then. We’ll watch and wait.

In the mean-time, WoD is not over: I still have to kill Archimonde, the final boss.


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