A Diary From Draenor

I never travel without my diary. One should always have something sensational to read in the train.
Oscar Wilde

Lord have Mercy. Pre-season Football is upon us. If ever there was a perfect pairing for grinding mats in WoW, it is football. Pet battling and football go great together.

At this stage of the expansion I don’t have much to work on, but with football; I’m sure I’ll find a way.

So much is being made of the new expansion. Rogues are So Very Mad that their Class Hall will be in the sewer. I don’t blame them at all. Shaman are So Very Mad that their artifact weapon will be Doomhammer, an orc weapon — a horde weapon. Every alliance Shammy feels sullied and kind of sick in the stomach.

Still the expansion is at least six months away, maybe nine months. There is no real time-line but it will certainly be a while. We can let that incoming information percolate on the back burner for a bit, peeking to see it simmer along nicely.

Tuesday will be my Legendary Ring! It’s got to be, five more Tomes and I’m done. There is no information on the impact it will have on a raid. My best guess is a 5% over-all boost to tanking/dps/healing depending on the circumstances. Would that it be 10% but that would feel legendary, don’t you think?

Playing WoW, one of my favorite times is the end game. No more patches (except flying, dammit) and things simply settle down. One can look at odd achievements or building collections and it is relaxing.

I saw the patch notes for 6.2.2. They are doing a LOT more than turning on flying. I wish, in fact, that they’d not lumped all this stuff with flying and given us flying weeks ago. I saw strings for the Christmas holidays in this patch. Brewfest Achievements. It will be the last patch for a long time.

Bring on the flying and be done with it, Blizzard.


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