The Lost Legendary

In the twilight, it was a vision of power.
Upton Sinclair

My legendary ring will be hand delivered tomorrow via the LFR. I, like so many, am 29/33. It could be, from what I’ve read, a 25% boost to my DPS. It could be, when others catch up, a 25% boost to the entire raid.

I’m excited!

Ideally, a melee player will have it to so that they can trigger it. It will be like lighting the fuse on a bomb. The player will “use” the ring, which triggers a 15 second span of increased DPS and ending with a 20 yard explosion — at the point that it was initially triggered.

Use: Awakens the powers of all the Savage Hallows worn by you and your allies, increasing damage dealt by (2500 / 100)% for 15 sec.

When this effect ends, each empowered player unleashes a blast of light that strikes all enemies within 20 yards of the initiating player’s location, inflicting damage equal to (2500 / 100)% of all damage they dealt while empowered. (2 min shared cooldown)

It is confusing but it all will be revealed tomorrow. The “initiating player” should be a melee player so it explodes there; but does the explosion happen where that player is at the end of 15 seconds or when it was triggered? If I am ranged (and alone with my ring) do I jump in to start it or to end it? Will I get a count down?

I think, overall, that this is the Lost Legendary. There is a boat-load of information on how to get this legendary, written back in the dawn of this expansion. There is no YouTube video showing it’s use. There is no Strategy Guide for healer, dps or tanks — which have all different varieties of the ring.

I’ve been to Blizzard Watch twice with specific questions. I’ve gotten minimal responses, a few were purely conjecture. The bulk of the player interest is on Legion, this expansion is over and we have not gotten the exciting product of an expansion long quest line!

Did Blizzard take a virtual dump on it’s own product pride by announcing Legion at Gamescom? I think so, I think they did. From what I can see, the vast majority of players didn’t bother to follow the quest line to be on the edge (like me! Tomorrow!). Blizzard Watch writers are either not playing in raids or writing about it way after the experience.

It’s frustrating to me because I wanted a Legendary to be Legendary, not a Lost Legendary drifting in the foggy mists in the players imaginations.


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