Elixir of the Rapid Mind: How to.

The primary factor in a successful attack is speed.
Lord Mountbatten

Elixir of the Rapid Mind

Elixir of the Rapid Mind
Item Level 1 

Use: Increases experience gain by 300% for 15 min. Does not work for players above level 99. (10 Min Cooldown)
"Smells faintly of lavender."
Max Stack: 20

This is a very powerful potion. It is the reward from the follower mission called Arokkoa Mastery. I’ve gotten two, so it’s not terribly common. Still, the beauty of this potion is that it can be sold and so found on the Auction House.

There are a few guides out there on how to maximize their use. I like mine the best, of course. Mine can be done at level 75 up to level 97. That is a wide range.

What you will need:

  • Elixir of the Rapid Mind
  • Fishing and Cooking
  • Fast Flying
  • Pet Battling
  • Hearthstone set in the Shrine in Pandaria

The foundation of this strategy is that the pet, fishing and cooking dailies always give the maximum quest experience no matter what your level might be at the time. So, the fishing daily in Stormwind at level one would give you the max quest XP of your level, even if you are 97.

The key is to do a string of dailies but do not turn in your quests. Let them be question marks, ready to go: it takes discipline! Stack up your quests until you have a bunch and then drink the elixir and dash, run, fly and flee to the turn-ins in 15 minutes.

You can do it!

You will do:

  • Beasts of Fable quests (3) in Pandaria, this can be done with your high level toon; it is across all of your account.
  • Fishing and Cooking daily in Dalaran
  • Fishing and Cooking daily in Stormwind
  • All the pet battle Tamers in the Eastern Kingdom (I skipped the one near Kara and the one in the Swamp of Sorrows due to long flight time).

The last pet battle Tamer will be the one by Light’s Hope Chapel, way north in the Eastern Kingdoms. This is where you will drink your potion (after the battle!). Along the way, while doing the pet battle guys you will be carrying instant turn-ins from Westfall, Duskwood, Booty Bay and Redridge: which means you will not have to return to those areas for turn-ins!

Here we go:

  • After you finish your pet battle at Light’s Hope Chapel — drink your elixir and turn in the quest and the four quests floating under your mini-map.
  • Take the flight path to the Hinterlands, turn in pet battle quest.
  • Port to the Shrine — turn in the three Beasts of Fable (four if you did the pvp pet battle one).
  • Race to the portal to Dalaran
  • Turn in the Fishing, then the Cooking dailies, then take the portal next door to SW
  • Turn in the Fishing and Cooking dailies in SW.
  • Fly to Elwynn Forest, turn in pet battle tamer quest.
  • Fly to Stranglethorn, turn in pet battle tamer quest.
  • Fly to Burning Steppes (this is a long flight, you should still have five minutes!).
  • Fly to Searing Gorge for the last pet battle tamer quest.

That is it! Seventeen max xp quests turned in and done in 15 minutes. It’s tight.

Since the older content gets nerfed, the xp you gain from WotLK, Cata and MoP will be much higher. Meaning that you can get almost three levels doing this elixir guide. I did this same strategy at level 91 and got a level and a half.

At around level 79 or 80, you could fold in the Argent Tourney dailies and drop the last four pet tamers (trading four quests up to eight quests).

Your quest log will need to hold that many quests! I hated deleting my in-progress quests the first time I did this, I wish they’d open up the quest log to hold many more.

There you have it:
A speed run with the Elixir that is fun and spans almost any level your character might be. You could to a variation on this at a lower level, skipping Dalaran, as well.

Happy Hunting
And may all your hits … be crits!

Edit: Consider the turn-ins at the Darkmoon Faire:

Darkmoon Despoiler
Turn in all nine Darkmoon Artifacts.

These can be bought off the AH or possibly already in your bags!

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