Legion: Artifact Weapons

There are two ways of spreading light:
to be the candle or the mirror that reflects it.

Edith Wharton

Legion: Artifact Weapons

It is early, oh so early, there has only been the conference at Gamescom. Still, early on we can see and read the concerns that players have simply because we don’t know yet.

The main question that I don’t see asked, of which is my great concern is: dual-speccing the Artifact Weapon.

We know that once we land in 7.0, we’ll get a quest to go find our weapon and this weapon will be our only weapon through-out the expansion. Cool! The weapon will come with potential; upgrading by playing it will infuse with “perks” (a term from last expansion) and it will upgrade through steps, changing color and appearance, until the end game when it looks shiny or smoky.

There will also be a talent tree on the weapon. This action will be executed in our Class Hall, so no Tomes to change on the fly in a raid. The talents will be (currently unknown) either dps increase, double up spells or cosmetic; we decide.

Relics, I don’t understand. In my mind they look like gems that we insert in sockets; earned from boss drops, quests, zone completion etc.

The question is: what about dual spec? If I am a Marksman Hunter and a Beast Mastery hunter, will I have to duplicate the zone quests which unlock? That would be impossible! If I decide to dedicate myself to MM Raider and Surv PvP; then there has to be a solution baked in.

The only way I can see it is: you get unique quests for each spec and then your rewards are mirrored on your other artifacts. If you gain a relic or perk or talent, you can swap specs and decide on your other weapon.

There is no way they are going to lock us into a single spec. Right?

Druids have four specs. We get the dual-spec ability at level 30. We can decide then whether to go ranged dps, heal, melee dps or tank. Healers commonly and painfully level (from 100 to 110 in Legion) as a dps. How can I balance my desire (healing) while leveling through all the zones?

There has to be a Mirror System. If you are a level 110 DPS and decide to go healer, then you swap to that spec — get a easy ‘find your artifact’ quest and through the experiences of your prior leveling, the new artifact can whoosh up to level 110 talents, perks and relics.

Otherwise it will be the Mud Expansion. Leveling from 100 to 110 through six new zones as a healer will be brutally slow and simply not fun. The same with a tank, slow slow slow.

Because we need our healers and tanks to be able to do group content. Sure, there will be dungeons along the way but we want to see the game’s content and zones too!

I look forward to Blizzcon in October (or is in November?) to see how they solve this crucial issue. I hope for the Mirror System, I really do.


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