A Diary From Draenor

“There’s small choice in rotten apples.”
― William Shakespeare

A Diary From Draenor

A couple of hours on vile Gorefiend tonight and no kill. I have spent hours and days getting a scene shift right in the Theater and then hours more to make it art. Athletes practice their plays over and over to get it right; the timing, the movement, the actions. I don’t know if I want to say that I’m used to this level of effort but it doesn’t upset me.

Still, we know that WoW gamers are not professionals. It can be frustrating.

My Legendary Ring is awesome on it’s own. Even more so with others using their Rings. I hope this week that some others catch up.

Archimonde is on the LFR tomorrow. This will be a Tuesday that I want to get it done early. Killing the last boss of an expansion is gold, what we’ve been playing for all this time.

I’ll be curious how many Legendary Rings I’ll see tomorrow in the LFR!

Our public school district just had it’s fourth(!) Superintendent resign. This one had felony charges pending in Colorado, no background checks? Where there is big money, there will be big corruption: education is where the money goes. It is a dirty business at the expense of our children. The same is likely happening in your school district.

The Ashley Madison data hack is expanding. Not only is it ruining peoples lives, extortion and more is happening with the information: the ideas are expanding. I’m glad I’m not a politician with a subscription to WoW or a Porn site or anything that can have scrutiny.

Wow almost blew it with too much information when they wanted the Battle Net to be real names. People flipped and rightly so. Imagine a lawyer being able to clock when you logged in and out, that is freely available to anyone.

It is my Guild Leader’s birthday tomorrow. I’ll be sending a Dalaran Cupcake! Finding things in-game that can be gift wrapped is part of the fun of sending birthday presents.

Flying on September 1st. La-dee-dah.


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