Planning in WoW — Healer

Sometimes you make the right decision, sometimes you make the decision right.
Phil McGraw

Planning in WoW

I think one of my strengths is being able to plan. This is NOT true with my personal life, sad to say. When I was the boss in a road house, I could put up the lighting and masking for three shows at once; giving the crew a break. Prior, my boss would do one show at a time. He couldn’t think that way.

Planning in WoW, for me takes some time as I see the pieces strewn about. But, once I grasp the bigger picture then all those pieces necessarily and naturally fit into place.

We got our “90 Boost” a few years ago and mine has been sitting. I’m thinking of using the boost and try a new class!

My two raiding mains are set, done except for the raiding. This is the fun time in WoW because a lot of people are raiding and are not too picky who they get; they just want numbers. Healers are in demand, always, and I think I’d like to try a healer.

But here is the deal. I can’t decide! I have the means. I can level 90 boost. I can make gear, high end gear. I can use the empowered crystals and make even more gear.

Part of my choice is which kind of healer. A priest is pretty cool; they can be Holy or Discipline. I even have a name: Temerity. A freaking great name for a priest healer.

Or, I could go paladin and serve the light. I have a name for this one too: Rascal. Isn’t that a great player name?

I’d want to be quick. I don’t want to spend near the amount of time that I did on my mains. Just a few new class to learn as the expansion spreads along.

Gear could take three weeks. Getting to level 100 would be mostly healing dungeons and doing some Elixir runs. The tripping-point would be the Tanaan Jungle which requires some DPS. With my gearing plan, I might be able to skirt much of the painful stuff.

I’m thinking Rascal the Paladin. What do you think?

Hmmm … I could delete the priest and give a new paladin the Temerity name.

It’s so hard to decide!


Break it Down:
Paladin Sword, Shield, Belt and Shoes — 180 Savage Blood, 360 Felblight (whoa!)
Gear from Shipyards via my mains.
Upgrades from my alts with empowered crystals
Legendary quest line? Hmmmmm


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