Legendary Ring — How It Works

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Legendary Ring – How it Works

The DPS Ring is nice and obvious. One person triggers their ring and all damage over the next 15 seconds is amplified. Then, as if storing up all that damage, the ring will explode in a 20 yard radius around the person who triggered the ring. Everyone with a DPS ring will all be triggered by that first person and “feed” that person.

The Tanking Ring is basically doing an amplified version of our secondary stat: Versatility. One tank will trigger their ring (thereby triggering the other ring as well); healing and damage is increased for 15 seconds and then the release at the end is raid wide.

The Healing Ring is a bit of a question. There is very (very) little information on how the Legendary Rings work. It sucks and I am weary of finding the zillion sites on “how to” get the ring and it’s quest lines and no information on how it works.

The best guess is that any healer will trigger the ring. After the 15 second increase in healing, each healer with the ring will explode (if you will) in a 20 yard radius with healing. Does that even make sense?

In any case, the Healing Ring is simply flawed by design. A fifteen second span of pumping up the ring will heal the raid anyways. A heal explosion on a fully healed raid is numbingly wasteful. At best, an experienced healer might anticipate a five second Pound or Grasp.

The Feast of Souls is an example on Gorefiend. The temptation is to trigger the ring at the beginning with Hero and tranquility (for example) which will explode when everyone is healed. The best that I’ve seen is seeing one healer use their cooldown, then another healer, then use the ring and hope it explodes before the damage is done.

The DPS Ring is beautiful and straight-forward and clean. The Tanking Ring is probably best used on cooldown or against specific events within the raid. The Healing Ring is a roll of the dice.

Since the Tanking Ring feeds back damage and healing (Versatility), there is no information from any site that I’ve seen that will tell us what happens when rings are stacked (dps, tanks and heals).

I’ve posted on Blizzard Watch and those posers won’t hazard a guess. The mega-sites like Wowhead and Icy Veins have nothing beyond how to obtain the ring via the quest chain.

Way too many World of Warcraft secondary sites like Wowhead are commercially driven. When the subscriptions dropped in mid-WoD, they all looked to other income.

This is like WalMart driving out all the Mom and Pop businesses in your community and then closing down. There are no bookstores any more on the street corners, no local hardware stores.

The theory-crafters and bloggers were all buried by Icy Veins and Wowhead, they got their asses kicked. Now, wanting to find good hard information on a substantial raid boost is impossible to find.

Update: I have found a trickle of information on the Healing Rings.

The Healing Ring builds up it’s power on effective healing, not over-healing.
The burst is raid wide.
The burst is an absorb shield which will last for 15 seconds or until used up.
The Rings are line-of-sight, so being in Visions or in the Belly would not trigger someone outside.
Two ideas: one is to lean on the 15 second buff for it’s use and not the burst (being reactive, not anticipatory); second is to consider it a different cool-down and not stack with big healing cool downs.


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