On Bucket Lists

A man’s interest in a single bluebird is worth more than a complete but dry list of the fauna and flora of a town.
Henry David Thoreau

On Bucket Lists

Bucket Lists are a list of things people hope or wish they could do before they die. This, unfairly, suggests that people may feel that there are things missing in their lives. I hope that is not the case. Having a child, for example, trumps most things on people’s Bucket List.

I was on Vent the other night with a guild-mate. I like my guild, the range of personalities is great. We were talking about Bucket Lists and my guild-mate came to a brilliant conclusion. We were comparing items typical on people’s lists; we’ve both been published, for example. The conclusion was: it is not about the List, it’s about the Stories that come with it.

I maintain that I’ve already done the things that are on people’s Bucket List. Let me keep it down to ten items.

  • I’ve seen a Broadway play.
  • I’ve been published in a magazine.
  • I have stood on the sidelines at the Super Bowl.
  • I’ve been to: Yellowstone, Bryce Canyon, Grand Canyon and Yosemite National Park.
  • I have stood on stage with John F. Kennedy (top that!).
  • I have talked recipes with Vincent Price.
  • I’ve been to Hong Kong
  • I’ve been to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival
  • I have hitch-hiked across the United States
  • I have a Master’s Degree in Fine Arts

There you go. I have some other ones. I think it’d be fair to say the Sex Bucket List is a very different list!

As much as the list may be interesting, as my guild-mate says, it’s the stories.


Ask me about the time:

  • I set fire to a bed in a hospital … in Mexico.
  • The two ladies on a train in Scotland who told me local ghost stories.
  • The Tale of the Dancer at the Super Bowl.
  • I made 80 dollars an hour working on a feature film.
  • The Story of the Whore in Hong Kong and the Three Fingers.
  • The time the theater caught on fire!
  • The time in the hot tub with the two blonde sisters … wait, that’s the other list.
  • Touring the Nutcracker with the Symphony and the Sic ’em Cowboy! from the audience.
  • I joined a religious cult and then survived a flood in Washington DC.
  • The Northridge Earthquake: that one has stories and changed a lot of lives.

Now, wouldn’t you rather hear the stories?

I don’t think that there is anything World of Warcraft on anyone’s Bucket List. But, it’s the guild-mates that keep the discussion broad and the topics interesting.


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