A Diary from Draenor

Jeff Bridges: Tell me again how to say good-bye.
Karen Allen: Kiss me. And tell me you love me.
Starman (1984)

A Diary from Draenor

The nerfs from the prior patch are great for us Normal raiders. I know all of the fights except the final boss. I’d sure like some pulls on that boss, I think we could do it.

The next patch news just dropped today. Valor Points will be back. This means following the typical model, re-run the same content over and over in hopes of getting an upgrade. At least with Valor Points, there is no randomness that you get from a boss drop. You simply earn it by grinding.

There is plenty to so. In many ways, the end of an expansion is my favorite time. I’m strong! The first rule in any game design is that the player must feel over-powered. Dying to mobs on a quest in some zone sucks. If you can’t win, why play? The designers want us to win.

With Brewfest over (I love the new banner toy!) we’ll see a spate of holidays. Hallow’s Eve starts this Sunday. Three new pets, Pepe must be found in his scarecrow costume and, thank Elune, I already have the Headless Horseman mount!

Happy Hunting!


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