Hallow’s End — 2015

It would be easy to get lost in infinity and immobilized when considering that we are standing on sand.
Dr. Michael Kroth

Hallow’s End — 2015

The holidays in real life and in the World of Warcraft are here. We just finished Brewfest and a new holiday starts today. Holidays are wonderful to break up the “every dayness” of life and play.

I am excited this year because there are new things to do! New pets, toys, achievements and a battle on a bone ship against a skeleton king! I’ve yet to see any of it, it starts later on today and runs for about ten days.

Data Mining is common in gaming now. It is possible to find and learn all of the additions to a game before it hits your computer screen. I am a fan on one level and simply loathe it on another.

To find my gaming balance, I do a quick scan to see the over all scope of the new material (a bone ship battle!) to get a sense of how much I’ll be playing. And then I leave all the details to be discovered and enjoyed. As time passes, I’ll delve into the research to make sure that I’m not missing anything.

Of course, there is still the old stuff of Hallow’s End. Especially the Headless Horseman encounter! After he has set fire to our villages, we can face him once a day for loot, fun and a chance at the rare mount.

It is one of my favorite dungeon encounters, the Headless Horseman reminds me of the Wild Hunt of our own lore; especially the iconic mount.

(Player) says: Horseman rise…
(Player) says: Your time is nigh…
(Player) says: You felt death once…
(Player) says: Now, know demise!
Headless Horseman: It is over, your search is done. Let fate choose now, the righteous one.

Classic dialogue, fun stuff.
Which brings me to:
Back in my day.

Back in the early days, if you wanted a chance at the Headless Horseman:

  • Stand in Stormwind and wait for someone to offer a LFG.
  • HH run, LFM, 2DPS, Healz
  • You’d ask (and hope) to be invited.
  • Once grouped, you’d fly to South Shore (then an alliance city).
  • Mount up and ride across the ground to the Scarlet Monastery — through Horde Territory!
  • The Summon Stone was a riot of PVP. Players would stack on the stone to get you flagged.
  • Finally, in the instance, you’d fight your way through the grave yard.
  • Face the Headless Horseman and hope you’d win.
  • After all of that, your hearthstone is off it’s ONE HOUR cool-down and you could hearth out.

Still fun today, I’m glad it is easier to simply get there than it was … back in my day.


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