Toy Box Macros: How To

If you give a hacker a new toy, the first thing he’ll do is take it apart to figure out how it works.
Jamie Zawinski

Toy Box Macros: How To

Adding one of your toys to a common click is a lot of fun. Blizzard has been generous in giving us a nice range of sounds, animations, transformations and look-at-me’s.

My strategy is just my own. I prefer stacking most of my toys with mounts and my hearthstones. If you are at this page from searching Fun Toy Box Macros (the tag is to your left), then all my pages on Toy Box Macros will be listed and you can see some examples.


NB: the following examples are not meant to be copied and pasted. These are simply examples and I’ve not formatted them like I do others in my blogs.


I always start with the #showtooltip command. This will put your icon on the button.

For example:
#showtooltip Albino Drake
/use Bubble Wand
/cast Albino Drake

This puts the Albino Drake icon on your action bar. Every time you mount (and dismount) the Bubble Wand will show it’s fun.


The /use and /cast command seem to be the same, mostly. One will use the /use command on “on use” trinkets. One typically casts spells with /cast.

All toys that I have seen can be macro’d using either /use or /cast.


There are some odd commands. /summonpet will summon a battle pet.

#showtooltip Albino Drake
/summonpet Emerald Whelpling
/cast Albino Drake

This will call your pet when you mount. This can be wonky as it will unsummon when you dismount. However, you dismount without commanding to dismount all of the time; like when you click on a flight path. So, the summonpet command is not a straight up off/on.

Still you could make a macro that shoots a firework, calls your pet and you use /s to say “come forth, little partner.”

#showtooltip Emerald Whelpling
/cast Bubble Wand
/use Everlasting Alliance Firework
/summonpet Emerald Whelpling
/s Come forth, little partner!


Stacking toys is a lot of fun. Bubble Wand, Fireworks, Transfigurations are ideal. If there is a cast time to your spell, then it is hard to stack as a toy.
Typically, I stack all of the instant cast toys first and then the one with cast time last (like a hearthstone). With the hearthstone, all of your exotic visuals are on display while you are casting your hearth and then … you disappear!


Things change in the UI and on Blizzard’s end so it is best to test your macro’s. For a while, you could summon a random mount in a macro. And then you could not. THAT macro had to go away.

Research is limited. Some can be found on Wowhead. Finding the commands is helpful. This site (Coffee Cakes and Crits) has some research and a lot of examples.

The best tool, as always, is your imagination. Think on which toy you’d like to see in a situation and try it out!


Happy Hunting and may all your hits … be crits.


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