A Diary from Draenor

Man Number One: I see you have a cold.
Man Number Two: (sniff!) See it now?
— a joke from my Dad

A Diary From Draenor

I don’t like being sick. All day long my nose … well, whatever. I’m on the verge of being sicker, I think! Our raid tonight was totally fun but afterwards my stomach cramped up. I slept for two hours this afternoon. Sleep is great when you are not feeling well.

Patch 6.2.3 can not come too soon. It is a pet peeve of mine that Blizzard will announce new patches and have a list of details and then not share the date of delivery!

I think it will bring a good boost to our players. Valor Points is an old mechanic that we know pretty well. I wish I knew when it was going to arrive. A break from the game until the patch would be perfect for me … if it was two weeks from now. But we don’t know! It could easily be six weeks and that is too long.

Blizzcon is the uber-convention in Anaheim, California. I’ve been to many conventions in my lifetime and they were necessary and useful. I can’t imagine myself enjoying a gaming convention — I’m a fan of a game but the designers are not special to me. They walk out to applause and I just … shrug. There is plenty of work that I’ve enjoyed when I was not really a fan of the artist. They don’t necessarily go hand in hand.

The convention will be November 6 and 7. You can buy a virtual ticket (not me!). It is hard for me to get excited about the next expansion when I know it’s six months away. They will “reveal” the new mechanics and zones and artwork but it is too far away. I’m still in this expansion, right here, right now.

I know I read a bit negative and that really isn’t my intention. This is simply a Diary from Draenor, where I’m at in the game today. I will be following Blizzcon as it is (parsed?) put together by the reporters. Nonetheless, I’ll be excited when the expansion comes out, not on November 6th.

The storm that is passing across America right now, I tell you: it’s a lot of rain. But the days that follow have been beautiful. I stood on my little porch this morning and loved it. Then I went inside and youtubed a song from Oliver!

Who will buy this wonderful morning?
Such a sky you never did see!
Who will tie it up with a ribbon,
And put it in a box for me?

They’ll never be a day so sunny,
It could not happen twice.
Where is the man with all the money?
It’s cheap at half the price!


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