Supergirl: Stronger Together

What’s special about Superman is that he will always make the right choice.
Max Landis

Supergirl: Stronger Together

Episode Two was on last night. It was better. Surely the first episode had a lot of ground to cover and seeds to plant, I hope for more and better in the future.

I’ve been irked that Supergirl had never tested her powers. It doesn’t make sense to me at all. They had a tiny bit with her testing by the DoE and that is a good first step. This series is about her finding herself and growing up finally becoming an adult.

The 18% Kryptonite room at first really seemed stupid but it paid off in the show-down fight. So that worked pretty well!

Summing up why Superman plays Clark Kent as “it pays the bills” made me want to throw my remote at the television. How about it fulfills him as a person? Egads, Hollywood writers!

I cheered for the Good Guy Run. Every episode should have Kara saving kittens (Fluffy as a snake was great). We want her to be super and good and fun and so many things. This is necessary in my mind.

The Monster of the Week is just that. I will always say that there is plenty of bad stuff on our own planet. Let her deal with a master-mind corporate investor or a politician. Not every monster is from another planet.

The hologram of her mother. Again, the writers have only seen the movie, I understand their weakness. Still, it can only be about her learning about her powers! I hope they don’t use this crutch very much.

The DoE leader. They NEED to get someone from the military to give this guy lines and motivation. He is sounding weak or like a jerk. They had a “bad guy tease” with him this week, we’ll see what happens.

The Interview. Well, Calista Flockhart is a big star. She needs her screen time and role and her character is really good. But, if she is being a jerk, I wished Supergirl had made her pee a little. She needs some humbling in front of greatness.

Good Show! I couldn’t DVR Crazy Ex-Girlfriend at the same time, tech issues. That is a show I’d like to follow too — the rest of the stuff on television is recycled sludge.



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