Transmog Party in Wow

How to Host a Costume Party in the World of Warcraft

Or, more correctly, a Transmog Contest.

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Blizzcon (2015) was yesterday. The next expansion, Legion, will offer a new tmog system that is similar to Diablo 3’s system. Every piece you have ever encountered will be in your library including past quest rewards and even quests that are no longer in the game. And … it is account wide.

Players will have the ability to create “sets” and save them and even hot-key them to your action bar so you can have a In Town casual set with a top hat and tails and a I’m A Raider set that is all of your Tier Two set from eight years ago.

Hosting a Transmog Contest serves several needs.

  • It gives players a chance to show off their sets.
  • It is a group activity for the guild that is purely social and for everyone.
  • It can promote your guild on your server (I recommend this).


  • Pick two or three non-participants to be judges, a simple ranking of between one and ten on each contestant should be fine. They can be in their own channel in vent.
  • Choose a location.
    • I like the table where we kill Coren Direbrew. We have the remote and it is a very remote location. Horde band and booze vendor nearby.
    • I really like to host in a major city like Ironforge. It generates interest in your guild and, after all, transmogs are for showing off. Expect some rube to crash your party, take it in stride.
    • Find a runway. There are many all over Azeroth. Perhaps that fountain area in the green in Desolace.
  • Announce the contest well in advance and invite everyone to the party. Times can be after a raid or simply in the afternoon on a Sunday.
  • Establish the criteria (see below).
  • Have a reward. 2000 gold should do it for first prize. On my Legion wish-list is the ability for the Guild Master to confer temporary titles (good for 24 hours). I’d love to be Special Snowflake Wrathsome or King for a Day Wrathsome or Guild Hero Wrathsome.

Costumes should be judged on three things. Some overlap but that is true for every judgement call.

  • Completeness. Are all of the pieces in place? If someone goes for a Stormshield Guard, the set needs to be complete.
  • Originality. Not all tmogs are from sets, happily.
  • Theme. I wonder about this one. I’d like it to be that if someone went for Green Hunter or Stealthy Rogue that they could be applauded.

The Show
If your contest is private, feel free to vent up. If it is in a public setting, then encourage your attendees to use /s. Let one person spam Trade if you want to call outside players to enjoy.

  • Use Elune’s Stone to shine a down light and a place to stand for the player.
  • Let the player have three emotes. A soldier would salute, kneel and train. A party girl would dance, wave and cheer.
  • Cheer and applaud everyone!
  • Give each person 30 seconds and then …. move along please.
  • Finding a platform to stand on is ideal, they are everywhere!
  • Relax and have fun.

It is the event itself that matters. People want to show off! Who wins should not be super important as much as having a party.

I was encouraged at the Q&A at Blizzcon. Hopefully it will let us easily include a wider range of friends than only your guild. I have raiding friends who’d be excluded from this party today. Perhaps a new set of chat channels?

  • Q: Warcraft has always been about community. Can we have affiliated guilds with combined calendars and scheduling?
  • A: There are more and more groups that transcend server boundaries, and we want to work towards delivering on this and helping groups of friends with shared interests regardless of server or battlegroup.

Have fun. Announce the winner in the Message of the Day. Plan your NEXT one soon!


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