Righting Supergirl

The Supergirl writers and why they need to grow.

I’m upset (simply as a fan) at the poor writing for the television show Supergirl. I was joking in my first writings that they were high school kids who’d only seen the movie with Christopher Reeve. It turns out I was right. They are kids.

I lived in Los Angeles for 25 years. I was not IN the Hollywood industry, I lived very happily next door to it. I worked in the Industry (as they call it) and I also taught students who would go into that Industry.

Hollywood has always looked for the hot new kid. At least since, 1980. Before that it was smart and mature and made a lot of money. Now it is scatter-shot and a lottery. With the ease of producing movies, television and content in general: I can only guess it’s cheaper to take risks.

You see, I’m not interested in talent. Talent is cheap. I am interested in Talent Realized.

Lets take an example. Jimmy Fallon is talented. He absolutely sucks as a talk show host. He can’t interview the guest. He dominates and interrupts and it’s embarrassing.

By the way, Stephen Colbert is just as bad. I watched Scarlett Johannsen tell him to stop it. He was so amped up that he kept winging in one-liners.

But there is hope for these two guys. They are both Talented. Jimmy Fallon could mature into a real talk show host. Johnny Carson did it. Craig Ferguson did it as did David Letterman. Jay Leno never did, he just waited to tell his joke; really, a horrible man.

I watch Jimmy and Stephen, they are all we get. They both suck at their jobs but they can mature into it. They can realize their talent and be artists at their job as talk show hosts.

I read the Sookie Stackhouse series. It became a popular HBO series called …. True Blood? If you were to read her books, you can see her getting better as a writer, book by book.

Why Hollywood gambles on Talent with the hope for magic instead of investing in Talent Realized is beyond me.

Once upon a time, I worried that all the “non content” shows like Survivor and So You Think You Can Dance would hurt Hollywood because they were not training writers. Think of the hundreds of reality shows … no writers, just a producer with an arc.

Artists need to learn from each other. Simple things like how to write a joke. How to tell a story. It is a sad day in Hollywood, my friends.

Somehow, the writers for Supergirl have to grow up faster than Supergirl. They have talent.


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