Preparing for Legion in WoW

Wanting it bad? I guess that is a type of emotion. But when you get to my age, you plan!
Lord Groghe — Dragonsong

Preparing for Legion

Whoa, dude. Legion is seven months away! Why would you prepare now?

There are a lot of things to prepare for in the next expansion that you can do right now.

My suggestion is to use those seven months, nice and easy, so when Legion does arrive: easy things are easy, fun things are fun and challenging play is challenging. We don’t want to strive struggle and sweat.

Let’s look at some ideas.

The Beta starts in two weeks, that’s the best guess. I’ve already asked some Beta testers to see if the Leatherworking 10% Stat tents will work above level 100. If so, we can painlessly begin to stockpile some tents. I’ve asked the same for the Drums of the Forgotten Kings.

My main won’t need the stat boost but my wimpy alts might really enjoy them. A 14% stat boost in stamina, strength, intellect and agility is pretty hefty. These might also make me very desirable to party up with, I could make new friends!

Patch 6.2.3 drops soon. While my main will push hard in the first week to get the gear upgrades. I can slowly upgrade my alts over the next months and get them “up to speed” for the new content in Legion. Many have not left their Garrison in months!

We may see a patch 6.2.4 allowing for our gear to have four Valor Point upgrades instead of two. We’d keep an eye out on the newsfeed.

Make gold. Make gold. Make gold.

Making gold ties in with following the Beta testers. Having plenty of gold can give you a leg up on an expansion.

For example, Inscription will have weekly runes that are consumable. One might be a 10% boost against mobs in zones and so very popular. Another might be a 10% boost against an early raid boss. Investing (instead of grinding) in Inscription early on might make you a LOT of gold. It could also help you and your raid team.

Much later, probably in the summer, I’ll post on Preparing for Legion again. Those will be typical things like clearing your bank of old stuff, getting your guild to have Gatherer.

But for now, look to gently raise your Alts gear level. Look to see if we can have boosts that we can make now. Make some gold. And take it easy, this is the slow time of an expansion.


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