Preparing for Patch 6.2.3

The mythic journey is always about selflessness.
Chris Pine

Preparing for 6.2.3

The Beta is flagged for Release, so I guess it’ll happen Tuesday, Nov. 17th. I’ve heard nothing (nothing!) about the drop on patch 6.2.3. I’d want to assume it will be the same Tuesday.

On the other hand, Nov. 17th is WoW’s 11th Anniversary and it is listed as a two week event. No word, none, about that event. It’s pretty strange since we usually get a heads up (Molten Core Raid last year).

Patch 6.2.3 brings some heavy-weight changes. The biggest on the list is Valor Points return to the game. These will allow an to upgrade our gear by two levels. Or, from 705 to 710 and then 715. Pretty good stuff. We know that it is really a very good way to nerf content and I appreciate it.

The other changes are some buffs to DK’s and Feral Druids. The Cata dungeons will become Timewalking! I’m very excited about that. Also, Felblight gets a 20% increase in drop rate.

Back to Valor Points, they are earned by the LFR, daily heroic dungeons, weekly mythic dungeons and the bonus weekend event (except for the pet battle weekend which is account wide).

I am eyeballing those once-a-week mythic dungeon runs. They give a whopping 500 Valor Points and a chance at 725 gear. I want to be in a run and I want to do it with my friends.

Pugging mythic runs suck, simply put! I want to run the dungeon on my hunter and healer, so that is two runs.

This is a challenge for guilds and yet an opportunity to set a rhythm for the upcoming expansion in seven months. In Legion, dungeon runs will play a much bigger role and then an even bigger role when we get our weekly Challenge tokens.

If this were a business, I’d want my Guild Master to assign five-man teams for dungeons. I’d want them to meet on Thursday and/or Friday nights for the (about) one hour mythic runs. I’d want those groups to form a synergy and comradery that would flow over to our raid team.

The playing of World of Warcraft is not a business. Not all players like each other! Forcing a group is wrong and stupid so you have to allow it to happen on the player’s own initiative.

The other challenge, I believe, is political. My desire is to play with my raid tanks. I know them and they know me. However, it could and would look like the officers of the guild are an elite group (which we are not) but the perception can be very strong if newer players feel excluded.

Also, the Officers tend to know what is going on in the game proper. We’ll plan (thanks to Uncle Wrath) and that can also feel like we are excluding our newer guild members. No one wants to pug and I don’t blame them.

We also don’t have enough tanks. We might have four. But our tanks want their alts to have a chance too. We really really need a way to have shared communication with other guilds who are friendly to us. Even if we (as officers) did two mythics on Thursday and two mythics on Friday, we’d never be able to serve all of our guilds damage dealers.

And, we can’t expect our leaders to commit to another night in the game. It will become too much.

The only solution that I see is to post on a Thursday that we are doing Mythic runs. It is rough because we don’t want to leave anyone out and we want everyone to enjoy a good run. First come, first served? Sign up on the calendar?

Compounded on this challenge is that dungeons will be our lifestyle in Legion. If we can create a positive culture now, it will roll gracefully into Legion.

What we need is for our tanks to be leaders and that just isn’t the case. We can’t expect our tanks to be pro-active and create their own teams. Or even for them to bond with a healer and be willing to flip dps teams for more runs. That isn’t a fair expectation even if that would solve it.

Normally I’d brain-storm with my Guild Master and maybe some officers, I’ll try to do that this week.

Preparing for 6.2.3

I’ll be grooming my tanks to include me in Mythic runs. I’ll probably use the LFG tool to get my daily dungeons. I’ll hope that the Mythic runs will begin the guild culture that will expand into Legion.

Happy Hunting!


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