WoW – Locations for a Party

Choosing a Location for your Party in WoW

Having a good time in the World of Warcraft!

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Whether hosting a wedding, scavenger hunt, costume party or a guild party; finding a cool location is part of the fun.
I’m sure you have your own favorite places, I’ll point out a couple of mine.

Private or Public?
Hosting a Private Party where no one but your friends can interact limits your choices to two: your Garrison and inside of a raid.

Your Garrison has a lot of advantages:

  • Everyone as access to their own bank.
  • Decorate with Hallow’s End or Winter Veil goodies.
  • Very easy to get to. Btw, I’ve never tried a lock tv to summon a lowbie to a Garrison party, I wonder if it would work?
  • The big disadvantage is that we have been in our Garrisons … a lot.

Inside of raids brings nostalgia and a sense of ownership:

  • The Celestial Plantarium where we downed Algalon the Observer in Ulduar is amazing.
  • The Formation Grounds for Flame Leviathan is a huge area and you can mount up.
  • The Throne of the Four Winds above Uldum. The windy jumps between platforms is totally fun.
  • Pandaria is simply lovely anywhere. MSV for an inside feel, Terrace of Endless Springs for an outside feel. Lovely place.
  • I think everyone would groan at Molten Core. Still, AQ40 has potential due to it’s scale; it’s a big place.

Public Places are wonderful. There are plenty to choose from and it can promote your guild. Here are some of my favorites and are on the path less traveled.

  • The first is kind of funky. It is an island off of Gorgrond, bare with only rocks. Yet there are four chairs around a campfire. If you sit in the chair and click on the fire, you are teleported to a cave, underwater, in the Timeless Isle. Jump back and forth with ease.
    • Near Gorgrond, on an island in the Barrier Sea at 74, 24.
    • To a cave in the Timeless Isle at 65, 77
  • The Steam Pools in Feralas is an odd little place. Everyone is on vacation. If you talk to the NPC’s, they’ll say that they are working on their tans!
    • In Feralas called the Steam Pools at 69, 73
    • Easiest is to go to the FP in Silithus and fly straight north.
  • I’ve used this area for weddings. The dragon aspect Alexstrasa planted a seed during Cataclysm when it felt that all was lost against Deathwing. The center fountain area has a natural runway for a fashion show.
    • Karnum’s Glade in Desolace
  • Two lovely spots right near Stormwind.
    • Northshire Valley near Stormwind. at 74, 9
      You can meet Jeremiah Seely who is the author of the Tome of a Clear Mind.
    • Or, up the river at 53, 16 in the Elwynn Forest — a lovely spot, tent, campfire, waterfall.
  • The Mushroom Circle is pure magic. The Fey Darters who come and make music is something to embrace. Perfect for a wedding!
    • Tirisfal Glade, Whispering Forest, coords are 39, 34 — the mushroom circle.


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