Supergirl – there and back

“Every man is a divinity in disguise, a god playing the fool.”
― Ralph Waldo Emerson

Supergirl – How Does She Do It?

Last week we got this week’s episode. This week we got last weeks episode. The episode seen today was about bombing. Which is why they were swapped.

Not much happens. I’m sorry to say. Maybe a few too many plot lines, I’m not sure yet.

My frustration with Supergirl continues in that she is super smart too. But she appears on the show to be scatter-brained. As Kara, this should be an act. Supergirl would not forget an appointment. She is super smart. She might miss the direction of the heart, she doesn’t have super emotions — right?

What we want to watch is Supergirl learning wisdom.

The wonderfulness of a dual role in I’ve Got a Secret needs to be exploited more and better. Her role as Kara needs to be someone Supergirl loves. The character has to be a ruse on some level because we all do that as humans, she needs to do it better.

Keep it going, writers. I’m counting on you.


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