Promoting your Party in WoW

Promoting your Party in WoW.

Having a good time in the World of Warcraft!

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Whether hosting a wedding, scavenger hunt, costume party or a guild party; players have to know it’s happening!

Step One: Create a Party Macro.
You’ll want to spam your party, maybe once every five hours if you can. Players log on and off at all hours of the day.

/g Wed. Dec. 2 — Party Time! Join your friends for a ceremony, games, prizes and fun. Scavenger Hunt will begin in Darnassus, party will meet at the mushroom circle in Tirisfal Glade.

Step Two: Create a Game Macro.
This will explain parts of the party.

/g Trivia Time with Uncle Wrath! At the party there will be questions in guild chat. The first right answer gets 50g. The one who gets the most wins 5000g! Spelling is not important!

/g The Scavenger Hunt at the party begins in Darnassus. Find the four items “somewhere” in Azeroth if you can and race to the Game Master at the party place. Grand Prize: the Vial of Sands!

Step Three: Decide if you are going public.
This is up to you and if you want to promote your guild. Announcing in Trade Chat will hit all of the major cities. Then General Chat will pick up people in your zone.

Step Four: Get others involved.
Hosting a party on your own is not too hard. BUT, if you can get others to contribute then they’ll want to attend as well.
You can assign someone to:

  • Make fireworks.
  • Make Tuxedos and Elegant Dresses
  • Help promote the party.
  • Host one of the games like Trivia, the Scavenger Hunt, the Costume Contest or any games you may have thought of to play.

Step Five: Be Prepared.
This is two levels of preparation. Make sure you have wrapping paper and gold on your hosting character. And be prepared if no one shows up! It’s okay. Your effort was to serve the players if they have no need to be served, it doesn’t hurt you.

Have fun in the wonderful World of Warcraft!


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