The State of my WoW Affairs

“There are no foreign lands. It is the traveler only who is foreign.”
― Robert Louis Stevenson

The State of my WoW Affairs

My blog is working as intended and wonderfully so. My initial inspiration was knowing that we’d have the Toy Box feature in Warlords of Draenor and that they’d be account wide.

I had made macro’s with toys from Archeology “way back when” and I had to have the toy on my single character and in my bag. The Toy Box fixed all of that.

Little did I know then that Blizzard would serve up some great toys!

I made macros. Toy Box Macros for mounts and hearthstones and special effects and posted them on my blog. I never expected anyone to “follow” me day by day. That this blog is a resource is known by my visitors. I average about sixteen visitors a day from all over the world.

Today I have visitors from the United States, Germany, Honduras, Bulgaria and Canada. Yesterday it was Austria, the United States, Ireland, Norway, Portugal, United Kingdom, German, Denmark and Canada. I love this!

I made several “how to” postings. The Elixir of the Rapid Mind post is popular. Druid Healing, Felblight and a few others pop up now and then.

I am encouraged. I never thought of being a resource for all the variables for the Toy Box but rather offering templates and a springboard for ideas. I feel amazed that people from all over the world, fans of WoW, are finding my humble blog.

It’s a good day in Azeroth!


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