A Diary from Draenor

People say nothing is impossible, but I do nothing every day.
— Winnie the Pooh


A Diary from Draenor

Well, you can call me Crashin’ Thrashin’ Wrathsome! I got this title by collecting 200 toys. The final one was the bird whistle to call Pepe. Good news indeed.

We finally confronted Archimonde. We didn’t win but we “progressed.” Progression in the World of Warcraft means that your group is learning the fight. Once learned, we expect to win the battle even if it is difficult.

Tomorrow, on Reset Day, I should have all of my gear pieces upgraded to 2/2 via Valor Points. Two weeks is not such a burden. I’ll collect some more, casually, for when I get a new piece of gear. Five percent is about what I see in improvement from the VP upgrades.

Big Party on Wednesday! We have been planning. We have been collecting toys, prizes, outfits, fireworks for a month now. I hope for about ten people to participate and that it lasts about an hour. We have a very good guild master who will run the show, it should be fun.

The party will have a scavenger hunt, trivia, a wedding ceremony and an assigned photographer for our Facebook page. Let’s hope it all comes together.

And tonight? No World of Warcraft for me, it’s Supergirl night!



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