Hunting Archimonde

They sicken of the calm, who knew the storm.
Dorothy Parker

We killed Archimonde tonight.

Our raid team that has been playing together for about a year downed the final boss of the expansion. We got the Feat of Strength called Time is a Flat Circle.

We are done. We finished the expansion. I am elated.

No need to read any more of this post.

It is a tricky fight and we’d only brushed against it a bit before tonight. Tonight we knew we’d have to progress through the phases.

Each phase has it’s dirty tricks and nasty bits. Phase one has us ping-ponging back and forth with these Doom Balls that set fire to every thing (run away! run away!). And, you can’t be near anyone because someone will be tossed way into the air…and we all have to run and catch them. Back and forth.

Phase three (or is it four?) has our party going into a Void Zone to another place, far from the fight to kill another boss! Yikes! BUT there are Infernals who arrive, so someone has to stay behind … and kite the Infernals. Who kites? Hunters kite. Who is a hunter? Lil’ ol’ me.

So, while a bunch of our raid is off in another zone, I’m kiting this huge Infernal until they come back. My strat: Stampede comes off cool-down so I saved that. Binding shot to stun him. And Disengage to leap backwards and keep my distance.

Still, it took us almost three hours to learn the fight. That’s a long time. I’m glad our raid leader set aside a whole night just for this fight. We had to learn each phase. We wiped on phase one three times to start and had to start over again and again.

It is like that on progression. Learn phase one, everyone has to learn their role. Where to run to, what to shoot at, who to heal. The phase two … and on and on.

We wiped on the final phase about five times. We knew we were close but not close enough. Our raid leader said, “I think we are going to break him”. And we did!

Sure, we’ll be back but we know the fight now. We’ll probably get him on heroic eventually. And check this out: we carried two mages who were doing 20k dps. Woof!

A fine night in Draenor!


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