Legion Level 100 Boost

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Oscar Wilde

Legion 100 Boost

With the purchase of Legion, players get one character boost to 100. As I have pre-purchased the next expansion, I took advantage of the boost to get my long-desired Holy Priest.

With the 100 boost, you get:

  • a level 3 Garrison
  • the garrison has a lumber mill and (for me) a tailor hut. I’d imagine if I were wearing plate, I’d have the black smith shop.
  • a trading post
  • ten followers (at lvl 90, green).
  • 350 Garrison Resources
  • 350 gold
  • 640 green gear (a beautiful set, btw)
  • 4 embersilk bags
  • all the flight points except Tanaan

You can immediately join the High Maul LFR and the Black Rock Foundry LFR which I did!

They push you to start with Shadow and have pre-loaded only two DPS spells and two Healing spells in your bars. You have to do some homework.

My new character is:
Female: Night Elf
Name: Alacrity

Update: On 12/15/15 hotfix — Character Boost

  • Starting armor should now have dual primary stats for characters that utilize a Level 100 Character Boost.

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