A Diary from Draenor

Man, remember, until an hour before the Devil fell, God thought him beautiful in Heaven.
― Arthur Miller, The Crucible

A Diary from Draenor

Everyone went to see Star Wars today. I went to see Trumbo. As The Crucible was written to reflect on the Blacklisting of writers in the 1950’s, I could not help but see how Tumbo reflects on our politicians of today. The Salem Witch Trials are still happening in our world, right now.

Winter’s Veil is here and it is fun on day one. After day one, it is a grind to hope for a rare-drop mount. I don’t know why I can’t just leave it as “done” but I can’t. I only buy one lottery ticket a year and here I am rolling the dice on Savage Gifts.

Blizzard has dialed back the RNG on heirloom trinkets. The first week of mythic dungeons, I got my loot specialization. Then I got a random. And now, nothing! I am 2/5 on the trinkets; should I keep trying?

Is it possible to mess up a Marie Calendar Corn Bread muffin mix? Why yes, yes it is. I made my mother’s ham and beans crockpot (thanks Mom!) and it was delicious. I wanted corn bread muffins and ended with a soupy pan of … I am embarrassed.

I’ve been thinking about what makes a masterpiece. I’ll share that with you later.



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