Supergirl — in reruns!

I always fight hard to push a movie to the point where it pulls me.
James L. Brooks

What Price Entertainment?

I am very disappointed that Supergirl is in reruns. What did we get, six episodes? This is bad. Bad news for fans, bad news all around.

How dare they show reruns after six episodes!
I am as outraged as I am that talk shows like Jimmy Fallon show reruns instead of getting guest hosts; like Johnny did — a real man.

What happened to television?

This question started with me watching What’s My Line? on the Gameshow Network and watching As Good as it Gets on cable.

Television in the beginning was smart. What’s My Line? I recommend it for many reasons was a simple panel game show. The panelists were smart and celebrities. The host was wicked-ass smart, dazzling. Today, we have Pat Sajak. I feel glum.

I was watching As Good as it Gets and began wondering, who directed this marvelous screenplay? James L. Brooks. Who is this guy? He is one of many who made television great. His IMDB list is spectacular. From the Andy Griffith show to Mary Tyler Moore to Taxi to the Simpsons; with a long lineage of working in the business it is refreshing to see his work on the silver screen.

And now; with much eye-squinting I see we are being sold on ‘binge watching’. The shows are not very good and are being sold in discount packages. I don’t buy it and won’t.

This scatter-shot approach to producing entertainment is making television go down the drain. People are unplugging their cable; not because of price so much as that there is no value to the product presented.

Making shows like Supergirl with six episodes and deciding if to continue based on audience is short-sighted and fool-hardy. A show has to grow, does it not?

Hiring the new hot young producer, director, writer might bring trendiness and pizzazz but it won’t bring wisdom. Silly Hollywood.

Again: Silly Hollywood. Momentary success won’t bring syndication!


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